Leading today’s global trend are personal care products that provide the consumer with superior non-toxic preparations. Innovative solutions that offer safe and excellent results! One of the key factors contributing to this growth is the increased number of savvy consumers. Consumers who read labels. THEY UNDERSTAND THAT THE APPLICATION OF SYNTHETIC TOXIC CHEMICALS, PRESERVATIVES, AND ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCES, HAVE A DIRECT IMPACT ON ONE’S HEALTH. THE SKIN IS THE LARGEST ORGAN OF THE BODY, AND WHAT YOU APPLY TO YOUR SKIN CAN BE FOUND IN YOUR BLOODSTREAM, ORGANS, AND TISSUES!

Perfect Solution is a product formulated to meet the highest expectations of the most discerning consumers. It is the only product available that offers complete care of the rectal and vaginal areas. Perfect Solution combines the purest organic and natural ingredients that provide outstanding results to our most private and sensitive areas. The fragrance is perfect for both men and women, it is the light natural scent of fresh squeezed pure!

Back to the Future – Plant extracts are not to be discredited in the days of modern science. They are on the forefront of startling contributions to the world. Modern science has merely rediscovered what humans have known for centuries! Fortunately, today we know the amazing beneficial properties they possess. Phytochemicals are the preventative or beneficial compounds that are powerfully useful in protecting humans from disease. They naturally contain antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties.

World Renowned Ingredients –Supported by years of technical expertise along with the creation of unique product formulations, we have chosen to use an exceptional world famous formulator to supply certified organic components to our newly formulated Perfect Solution. We are proud to be celebrating our 14th anniversary with a new product that is 89% organic and 11% naturally resourced. Essential oils are synergistically blended with organic plant extracts providing the rectal and vaginal areas with nourishing properties leaving the skin renewed and refreshed instantly. The world renowned ingredients are powerful yet gentle with the capabilities to effectively remove microscopic bacterial residue that cause odor, itching, and irritation. The scientific breakdown of the botanicals used in our formula is undisputed. The ingredients are totally harmonious with our body’s chemistry and overall wellbeing.